10 Things To Know About Coconut Oil

Just heard about coconut oil?  Here are 10 basic facts that you may not be aware of yet:

1)  Coconut oil is called “the healthiest dietary oil in the world” because it has numerous positive benefits for our health

2)  When cooking with coconut oil, it remains stable, avoiding oxidisation and free radicals. Apart from palm kernel oil, all other oils go toxic at cooking heats, creating free radicals which is a starting point for disease

3)  Coconut oil has been used for optimum health by both South Pacific Islanders and Asian populations for centuries. The introduction of western foods is where numerous health challenges started in these regions.

4)  Other countries with high use of coconut oil are statistically very healthy – for example, lower rates of heart disease

5)  Easily digested and creates instant energy

6)  Heart-friendly – assists in preventing heart disease (whereas other cooking oils contribute to heart disease)

7)  Contains Lauric Acid, only found otherwise in breast milk, which strengthens your immune system

8)  Regular intake increases your metabolism, assists with weight management

9)  Anti-microbial – greatly assists in the prevention of disease

10)  It is a GOOD saturated fat. The authorities told us cholestrol was all bad then later the message changed and  there was both good and bad cholestrol. Same goes for saturated fat – we are  just waiting for the authorities to catch up on that one!

There is now a large range of coconut products to make it easy to add it into your diet.

Ever tried Chocolate Coconut Butter, Coconut Balsamic Vinegar or

Coconut Spearmint & Seaweed Soap?


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