Coconut Oil – A Miracle Oil

According to estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO), 33 million people are currently living with HIV around the world today.

Finding a safe and effective, yet affordable, treatment to bring relief to the millions who suffer from this disease has already been found: coconut oil.

We shall let Tony tell his story as printed in the book “Virgin Coconut Oil – Nature’s Miracle Medicine” by Bruce Fife ND:

“The auditorium was filled to capacity. “Where is he?” people were whispering as they glanced around the room. “Has Tony arrived yet?” someone asked. Tony was a special guest speaker at the symposium ‘Why Coconut Cures’ held in the city of Manila, in the Philippines. In attendance were several hundred coconut enthusiasts, including physicians, scientists and government officials. Also in attendance was one of Tony’s doctors, Dr Conrado Dayrit, a professor of pharmacology at the University of the Philippines and a former president of the National Academy of Science and Technology. You see, Tony is an AIDS survivor. He was at the symposium to tell the incredible story of his return from the dead.

‘You don’t know how hard it is for one to have an illness that others find repulsive’ he told the audience ‘I had wanted to shut myself inside my room and just wait for my time to die.’

Tony was infected with HIV while working in the Middle East a few years earlier. When he returned home to the Philippines he was diagnosed with full blown HIV. At this time, Tony was in terrible shape. He was losing weight, had repeated bouts of vomiting and diarrhea, accompanied by a fever and persistent cough. Secondary infections encompassed his entire body. He had pneumonia, oral candidiasis and chronic fatigue syndrome. He was so exhausted that he could hardly pull himself out of bed. His skin was covered with infections from head to toe. Everywhere his skin was flaking, cracking and bleeding. His hair was falling out in clumps; he looked so bad he wore a wig to hide the bald spots and oozing sores in his scalp. The doctors didn’t