About Us

At Natural Surrender, we are dedicated to healthier living at any age, for a long and healthy life, free of disease.

We are concerned about: 

  • Corporate manoeuvrings that sometimes overlook integrity and caring for others to create profit.
  • Food options available to us today that are mostly non-whole-foods and dangerous to our health with long-term use.
  • Large amounts of advertising money being put behind these items to convince us how great they will make our life
  • The need for doctors and nurses increasing sharply along with the numbers of people needing medical care from illness and disease.

We are committed to:

  • Creating a well-lit pathway to help you to live naturally from start to end – and the produce, products, ideas and information you need to get there.
  • Being the calm voice of reason to help educate and inform you.
  • To provide products and recommendations for products that are TRULY natural, not just well crafted marketing.
  • Advocating for healthy options to dominate our shopping choices.

About our product recommendations: 

Some of the products listed can be bought from us. Other products listed are commonly available at health food stores, farmers markets etc. We clarify this within the product description for you.

We are creating a growing stockist list for your ease and sometimes just guiding you to the likely places where you will find them in your area

We welcome your input:

Natural Surrender – YOUR Directory for Living Naturally is an ongoing venture. If you have, or know of something that is NATURAL and deserves to be included here, please contact us today.

If you are an association or society dedicated towards like-minded avenues, please contact us and let us know what you do. We need each other – this is a community for healthy living that is about personal freedom and our door is open to all with integrity and a righteous heart towards this cause.

Meet Founder Megan Knight:

A mumprenuer, health researcher and advocate with a former career in personal development within the business field and having co-directed companies both in Australia and Malaysia, Megan Knight is now focusing in on our physical health through her living naturally directory at naturalsurrender.com and blogs both on the directory and at coconutoilorganic.com.au.

Disease and sickness is accelerating at a fast pace worldwide and we are told that medicine is to be a constant part of all our lives, right from infancy. The medical industry are crying out for more doctors, nurses and hospitals as they buckle under the weight of sick people needing attention. Dementia, as well as numerous physical complaints are seen as an expected aspect of the aging process.

Megan is not convinced that our days are meant to be a journey of pain and suffering – indeed, the truth is we can live long and healthy from the start, right to the very end. This is a possibility for all, not just the educated or lucky few. We know this because it was a common way of life less than a hundred years ago. To quote an old saying – prevention is always better than cure. And natural food sources will always be better than the alternatives.

Not only is the truth out there, it will set you free – and Megan wants, through her calm voice of reason, to make this clear to one and all. This fight is dependant on individual choices and we must educate ourselves as to how to be healthy and help each other to cut through the lies fed to us on a daily basis.

Megan is  part of a large team of like-minded experts and contractors and thanks each and every one of you for your expertise, your willingness to give of your time and everything else required and, most importantly, your friendship. Megan honours you for the ways, individually and corporately, that you seek to improve this world of ours and, indeed, labour long and hard to create a better world for future generations. May blessings surround you always.