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Megan Knight

Megan Knight

The Natural Healing Ingredient

A mumprenuer with a former career in personal development within the business field and having co-directed companies both in Australia and Malaysia, Megan Knight is now focusing in on our physical health through her website and blog mission statement reads “We are YOUR directory for living naturally – doing the hard work for you, only listing products that are truly natural, therefore safe for us to use to enhance and preserve health for our entire life span PLUS we advocate for healthy options to dominate our shopping choices”Disease and sickness is accelerating at a fast pace worldwide and we are told that medicine is to be a constant part of all our lives, right from infancy. The medical industry are crying out for more doctors, nurses and hospitals as they buckle under the weight of sick people needing attention. Dementia, as well as numerous physical complaints are seen as an expected aspect of the aging process. When did we become convinced our days are to be a journey of pain and suffering?The truth is we can live long and healthy from the start, right to the very end. This is a possibility for all, not just the educated or lucky few. We know this because it was a common way of life less than a hundred years ago. To quote an old saying – prevention is always better than cure. And natural food sources will always be better than the alternatives.Not only is the truth out there, it will set you free.

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Margaret Stuart was nominated Citizen of Australia for her work with the mind, conducts workshops around the world and is keynote speaker at National and International Conferences. Margaret has authored and co-authored numerous acclaimed books including her latest book Free to be Healthy – helping people to release the blocks and obstacles held in the subconscious mind that are preventing them from being successful and achieving their goals.

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Megan Knight is now focusing in on our physical health through her website and blog Visit her online today!

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Lavish Option For Coconut Lovers

 While the South Pacific and Fiji Islanders have thrived on coconut oil for centuries, in the western world coconut products are only now fast becoming renowned for their immense health benefits.

Which is why local Megan Knight has just made her healthy food line available to customers at Coolum’s Lavish Deli, meaning locals can now easily enjoy the benefits of coconut products – from weight loss, muscle gain and increased energy levels, to reduced stress and generally looking and felling healthier.

Until now, Megan’s business operated online only via which, although successful Australia-wide since 2005, made it impossible for locals and visitors alike to collect their orders from Megan personally.

“Whenever a local customer notes that I am in Coolum, they always contact to ask if they can come here to pick it up”, Megan said.

“One time, a woman who lived quite a long way north was travelling through and asked to call in and pick up her order.”

Megan believes that, as well as avoiding a freight cost, many of her customers resonate with the community feel of the Sunshine Coast and are keen to meet her in person – something she was unable to manage previously.

“I had to inform them that their order ships direct from our ACT warehouse so there has been no stock in Coolum for them to pick up,” she said.

Megan is naturally pleased to have finally found a solution.

“Sarah Regan of Lavish Deli at Coolum Beach is now stocking these products so that our local customers can drop in from 8.30am six days a week,” she said.

“This coconut range has grown extensively lately and Sarah has most of the new lines in the store now.

“As well as coconut oil (a good saturated fat), you will find coconut nectar items such as the extravagant chocolate coconut butter, coconut sugar, creamed coconut, coconut amino sauce (soy sauce alternative), coconut balsamic vinegar and more.”

Enter via either Birtwill or Heathfield Street, just near the Coolum Advertiser office in the ‘Pacific on Coolum’ complex.

Published Coolum Advertiser 30-08-2012

Know What You are Swimming In

As published in Spa & Wellness magazine Dec 2012

A fair portion of the summer holidays is usually spent being deliciously wet and cool when the weather is hot, hot, hot. But are there unexpected dangers in the swimming pool and spa we should be aware of?

Widely-accepted responses to pool and spa usage such as red eyes, dry itchy skin and rashes are now recognised as allergic reactions to chlorine or chlorine toxicity.

First to be noted is that salt and mineral pools all convert salt to chlorine so present the same dangers.

What is known is

* Competitive swimmers absorb toxic levels of chlorine products in the course of a training session. Exercise intensity and number of sessions increase the concentrations.

* Young children absorb relatively greater amounts of toxins than older swimmers and therefore, are at greater risk.

* Greater toxin absorption occurs through the skin than through breathing. However, the breathing action alone is sufficient to cause hypersensitivity and “asthma-like” respiratory conditions in at least some swimmers.

* Over-chlorination is particularly hazardous to the health of swimmers.

* Exposure to swimming pool water increases the likelihood of some cancers

 Guidelines are recognised by some authorities as outdated but lobbying for resources is  required and yet to be done.

The good news is that there are healthy alternatives for sanitising the swimming pool and spa. The most effective method to date is the Healthy Pool and Spa System – a combination of silver and copper ionisation combined with pH and oxidiser automation. Thirty years after ionisation first emerged, outstanding technology has been added that has secured this option as unbeatable compared to others.

So it is possible to swim in water safe for all, that is above the recommendations for our drinking water, feels crisp and clean, and with overflow usage great for your garden. Combine that with savings on chemicals and electricity plus less pool maintenance and happy holidays are not only here again but here to stay!

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Source for “what is known”:

Natural Surrender is an authorised supplier of The HEALTHY Pool & Spa Purifying System worldwide, a low-cost effective people-and-earth-friendly solution for swimming pools and spas.


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