Cutting Chemicals Costs for Pool Owners

 Summer brings abundant sunshine and we all love to head to the pool. But it also brings increased chemical costs and time constraints for the owners as they embark on their summer maintenance schedule to keep that pool water clear and inviting.

Developments in pool technology offer alternatives for pool owners that drastically reduce the financial and time burdens relating to chemical consumption and pool maintenance that have been necessary in the past. Megan Knight, founder of Natural Surrender, and distributor of the ‘HEALTHY Pool & Spa Purifying System’ stated earlier this week that “Pool owners can now lower their weekly consumable costs considerably and greatly lessen the time spent maintaining the pool, which in turn, gives them more free time to be with the family and friends enjoying the pool. We have numerous testimonials from owners – one happily stated he is   now spending $10- every few months while watching others spend $150- every few weeks.”

As more of us have to watch our spending, leisure is one area that often loses out first but there are real and effective alternatives for consumers available to preserve our lifestyle. For more information on the Healthy Pool & Spa Purifying System, click here or contact us

Natural Surrender is an authorised supplier of The HEALTHY Pool & Spa Purifying System worldwide, a low-cost efficient people-and-earth-friendly solution for swimming pools and spas.

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