Cereal Killers Movie



NATURAL SURRENDER proudly presents the movie CEREAL KILLERS which is about one man’s attempt to hack his genes using food as the instrument – and drop dead healthy by turning the food pyramid on its head.

The film follows Donal O’Neil on a quest to avoid the heart disease and diabetes that has afflicted his family. Donal’s father Kevin, an Irish gaelic football star from the 1960s, won the first of two All Ireland Championships with the Down Senior Football Team in 1960 before the biggest crowd (94,000) ever seen at an Irish sporting event. When Kevin suffered a heart attack later in life, family and friends were shocked. How does a lean, fit and seemingly healthy man, who has sailed through cardiac stress tests, suddenly fall victim to heart disease?

So Donal teamed up with Prof. Tim Noakes and lived on a controversial low-carb, high-naturally-occuring-fat diet. See what he found out


‘In my research I noticed that International tobacco company Philip Morris, in the early nineties when the heat came on, they started to buy up food companies. They are a brilliantly sinister company. They identified that sugar is very much the same as nicotine; get them young, get them hooked & you’ve got them for life.’

Donal O’Neil, producer of the Cereal Killers Movie


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