NATURAL SURRENDER proudly presents the movie DOCTORED which is an exploration into modern medicine and how it profits from patients in pain. Is health being sacrificed for money?

A visit to the doctor can be traumatic enough. Now we learn about the “influencers” – the people you never see, but whose job it is to turn you into a compliant, pill popping,  revenue generation unit. And at all costs.

Doctored reveals the unseen tactics of these “influencers” in an investigation that leads to the highest levels of the American Medical Association (AMA) and reveals an alarming portrait of deception and criminality.

Along the way we wonder: Is much of what we “know” about modern medicine just slick marketing from companies that profit when we’re in pain (or by putting us in pain)? Why aren’t we being told about the successes of natural therapies? Why do so many people think chiropractors are “quacks,” nutritional supplements a waste of money and acupuncture a fringe therapy?


“Doctored frames the nearly century-long campaign against chiropractic care as a marketplace battle in which the stakes are dollars rather than health” – The Village Voice


“An involving, well-crafted, humane look at a topic that stands to affect us all” – Los Angeles Times


” ’Doctored’ issues indictments of a market-based health system predisposed toward prescription drugs and surgery when less invasive, less expensive methods might be, heaven forbid, more effective” – New York Times


Doctored has sold over 200,000 DVD copies since its release in theaters in September of 2012, making it one of the most successful independently distributed DVDs of 2013


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