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How to make your pool healthier, safe, greener & save $100’s every summer


  • Use zero salt… save $100’s pa                                 For natural sunscreen, click here
  • No lugging bags of salt ever again
  • Use zero stabiliser… what do you spend each season?
  • Use zero chlorine chemicals… do the sums
  • Use 40% less power… pool pumps and chlorinators are huge power eaters!
  • Use 100% less water… 4,000 litres per season adds up to big savings!

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PRICES are on application as it depends on the size of your pool, your current equipment etc. For now, think in the general arena of around $3,500- if you were to buy the entire system for a 100,000 litre pool

Sadly, outdated and toxic salt/chlorine treatment systems can quickly drain the joy right out of your pool.

* Expensive chemicals, maintenance and running costs, ridiculous power and water bills, skin irritation, asthma, eczema… even cancer! PLUS wasted power, wasted water and other environmental worries

But now, advanced NASA technology frees you to enjoy your pool the way you always wanted. The HEALTHY Pool & Spa System eliminates all the hassles of old school salt chlorinators and chlorine systems with silver and copper ionisation combined with auto-oxidisation plus “Set-and-Forget” digital controls…

  • Zero salt and toxic chemicals saves you $100’s every summer
  • No salt to harm the environment.
  • Crystal clear water all the time. No stringent chemicals that cause rashes (and even WORSE!).
  • No smelly, itchy skin or red eyes which are now recognised as chlorine allergy symptoms
  • Protects your expensive pool equipment and surrounds from salt corrosion
  • Asthma and eczema friendly
  • Accepted and proven around the globe… purifying pools in 17 countries

 How It Works




3 parts that can be used together or separately, depending on your pool needs

Like all good clean technology – the more simple the operating system, the more effective it is.

The HEALTHY Pool and Spa Purifier works by passing a safe, low, DC electrical current between two copper and silver anodes (electrodes). This creates an abundance of natural mineral ions that are swept into the pool or spa where they remain on patrol guarding your pool and spa water from impurities.

Swimming Pool Mineral Guide - Is Your Pool Safe?

No stabiliser is required (unlike chlorine) as these natural ions will remain in the water for weeks – even if your HEALTHY Purifier was switched off. The mineral ions produced are unaffected by high water temperature (unlike chlorine) and prefer a pH range between 7.0 and 7.4 (as does chlorine).They do not ruin bathing suits, dry out hair and skin or leave an unpleasant odour on your person after swimming. Nobody wants that!

The HEALTHY Auto-Oxidiser function works alongside to remove and polish the water free of oils like suntan lotion, hair oils, perspiration etc and ensure your pool water is trihalomethane-free

The balance of your pool is the crucial element. If your pool is out of balance, you have work to do!  Alternatively install the HEALTHY pH Controller and automate this process to free up your time and ensure maintenance stays at minimum levels.


Does your pool qualify for these benefits? Do our COMPATIBILITY TEST now to find out!

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In the USA many public pools employ ionisation as the primary method of sanitation with over 97% of swimmers expressing much higher levels of satisfaction and enjoyment with this method over the traditional chemically controlled pools.

Purifier anodes are sacrificial and will require replacing. The anode change-over process is quick and easy. The average size pool (50,000 litres) will change anodes about every two to three years with normal use. Do the math! You will know when to change anodes as the Purifier tells you it is time.

The Purifier owner need only perform two simple tests per week and three tests every month to enjoy a consistent level of pool / spa water quality that has, until now, been unachievable without moderate to high chemical use and expense.

Do these tests and use the “boost” feature on the Purifier when the water is under environmental stress i.e. heavy rain / wind – and we will virtually guarantee you a trouble free pool or spa. These TWO tests every week will take about 5 minutes. Now how is that for confidence!

Power usage is negligible. The Purifier has two timers – one for the pool pump and one for the ioniser. It is an automatic set-and-forget system. A software program controls the unit and it is dead simple to set up. Just choose the filtering times / cycle and set the ionising period. That’s it. Turn it to Auto and the Purifier will do the rest.

Now you can rest easy knowing you have the best pool and spa system available today. You will be taking care of four things: the planet, your wallet, everyone’s health and your peace of mind.


There are the obvious benefits such as your health and safety having been enhanced plus economically frugal and eco-safe operation including the HEALTHY Pool & Spa System using recyclable materials where possible. Then there is the not-so-obvious things like time saved on pool maintenance, swimming enjoyment and family fun. These things can’t be underestimated when the overall benefits of pool ownership are tallied.

You will experience the convenience of a sophisticated clean-tech system that will just keep working with only minimal pool care from you.

Easy well-spaced anode changes and the option of a chlorine-free operation – the list goes on. No more sore red eyes and no more corroded screens or rotted faded swimwear. No more dry skin or hair that splits when dried.

The HEALTHY Pool & Spa System is built to last and last so you have peace in your mind and joy in your soul.

It attaches to your pool / spa system easily and quickly – even the most inexperienced person will be able to fit and set up the Purifier for operation within minutes – 30 minutes at most.

You will be amazed at the difference that a HEALTHY Pool & Spa System makes to your life and your power bills. Take advantage of our 90 days risk free trial right now.


Does your pool qualify for these benefits? Do our COMPATIBILITY TEST now to find out!

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Features and Functions of the HEALTHY Pool & Spa System

  •   Automatic operation. Set & Forget.
  •  Two inbuilt timers allow the pump to be controlled by the unit.
  •  A super-ionise “Boost” facility for periods of bad weather.
  •  A large, bright, backlit LCD to enable you to see the set-up commands and program whether in a darkened or brightly lit environment.
  •  A single screw on, screw off action to facilitate the fast, easy change-over of worn anodes – without mess or fuss.
  •  A 3 year parts and labour warranty (does not include anodes, LCD or freight).
  •  “90 Days Money Back Guarantee…” no questions asked.
  •  A salt-free and chlorine-free operation (optional)
  •  A model to suit all pool sizes.
  •  Anode deterioration monitor and change anode notification.
  •  Microchip controlled – software driven reliability.
  •  Fully tested approved for use world-wide.
  •  APVMA approved and registered anodes.
  •  Water conductivity monitor with indicator.
  •  Robust UV treated and weatherproof plastic enclosure. IP24 Rated
  •  Easy and quick to install.
  •  72 hours back-up battery to retain the operating program in case of power loss.
  •  Self cleaning
  •  Designed for both swimming pools and spas
  •  Extremely low power use

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Frequently Asked Questions answered here


Does your pool qualify for these benefits? Do our COMPATIBILITY TEST now to find out!

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My name is Lloyd Baker, my wife and I purchased a (Purifier) system from you. We are very pleased with the product and the functions the system has. No more chemicals Yahoo!! We never had a pool before and the first two weeks having a pool were a nightmare with the rain we have had. Using chlorine like no tomorrow we researched and saw you guys. Our life savour! We had thoughts of ripping the pool out. Now thanks to your system we have not used any chlorine, the water looks beautiful, no smell or odour of chlorine. The savings on power too is amazing, running the pool for 2 hours per night at present. The testing required is minimal for such an excellent result. Very happy customers, we recommend the system to everyone!

Regards, Lloyd & Deb, Landsborough QLD



Just a short note to tell you how thrilled I am with the performance of the (Purifier). As you may remember I installed one of your first units on my pool some 4 years ago. At that time, I was working as a pool salesman for one of the prestige pool companies in Brisbane where I gained a lot of experience in sales and the advantages of your product.

I had several reasons for installing a (Purifier) – Firstly, I am not a great lover of swimming in a saltwater pool as I don’t like the taste of the water and because in my 30 years in the swimming pool industry I know that there is the same level of chlorine in a saltwater pool as there is in a straight chlorine pool.

Secondly, I have two beautiful granddaughters who love to swim but are very susceptible to allergies – chlorine brings them out in a nasty rash. I must admit that I was a little sceptical when you first introduced me to your product. I have to tell you that I and my family love the freshness and the clarity of the water in my pool. I am a very satisfied customer who wishes you and your product well in the future.

Kindest Regards, S.P. Burpengary QLD


Having purchased and installed a (Purifier) unit at Xmas 08, about 5 months ago, I would like to comment on how thrilled I am with the water quality and ease of maintenance of my pool.

I am no genius when it comes to testing pool water and indeed previously only had it tested by my local pool shop.

I am finding the simple testing procedures to be easy to do, and have needed to add only a fraction of the chemicals the pool shop had me adding.

The water is crystal clear and beautiful to swim in. Everyone who swims in my pool is amazed that it can be so clean without all the chemicals and loves the feel and taste of the fresh water. My only regret is that I didn’t fit a (Purifier) years ago.

C.F Collaroy Plateau NSW


When we bought this property, we wanted to have the pool sparkling clear and blue for our swimming. At first we had endless problems with keeping the pool clear and clean as the encroachment of foliage by the garden about the pool was overpowering. With the wet, wet summer and the fact that a lot of the pool gear was cracked, broken, leaking and useless, we ended up spending endless time and too much money keeping the pool swimmable. Not great fun.

We changed to your (Purifier) system and despite the three monstrous deluges we got in February, March and April we have been able to swim in sparkling clear, blue water. One thing we really appreciate about the (Purifier) is that there is no smell of chlorine. The pool has been easy to keep balanced also. The overwhelming amount of water pouring into the pool at times this summer was making the pool green but with a routine follow up of pool vacuuming and sweeping plus the attention to balance we have weathered the storms well.

The water crackles as we move in it, it is so clean and crisp. Keeping the flow of vegetation, dust and pollen to a minimum by clearing the plant life away from the pool edge paid dividends, as did the virtual replacement of old faulty equipment. I find the (Purifier) has made our swimming a greater pleasure.

Thank you for installing such a good, easy to use system.

Yours truly, D & L McKay, Noosa Heads, Qld


I replaced my salt water chlorinator with the (Purifier) system almost 12 months ago after searching on the internet for a non-chlorine sanitiser. I am allergic to chlorine and was restricted to no more than a five minute swim on the hottest of summer days. Longer than that and I would break out into extremely itchy spots that would last for days. Further my grandchildren often complained of sore red eyes. Their swimming gear and pool towels quickly faded and required constant washing to get rid of the chlorine smell. I became increasingly worried that if chlorine was doing this to their clothes, what was it doing to their bodies.

The pool was really more trouble than it was worth and I seriously considered getting rid it entirely. Luckily I stumbled on (your) web page and contacted you. I was immediately impressed with your expert knowledge of pools and pool chemicals. Practical advice without the pushy sales pitch approach. I took up the offer of a 90 day money back guarantee. I figured I couldn’t lose by giving the (Purifier) a try.

I installed the system myself in about 15 minutes and within days was swimming in clean chemical free water. No chlorine burns, no smell, no chemicals and no red sore eyes! Just soft silky ‘pure’ feeling water that is crystal clear.

I now have a worry-free pool and swimming is fun again. The grandkids and their parents happily spend hours in the pool that is entirely free of harmful chemicals. Even my latest grandson at six weeks of age has had a dip. The (Purifier) has lived up to all of its claims including substantial savings on pool chemicals.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the (Purifier) to every pool owner who wants an environmentally friendly, healthy pool that is free of poisonous harmful chemicals.

Thank you,  David E. Redcliffe QLD


Dear (Purifier) Team,

My husband and I would like to firstly thank you for saving our learn to swim business because without “the” (Purifier) I would not have been able to continue teaching as I had developed an allergic reaction to chlorine which had affected 90% of my body and was very uncomfortable. Until we found your product and spoke to the (Purifier) team our long term dreams were shattered, we had been planning and building our pool for 6 years.

One simple phone call and a day later we were able to easily retro fit the (Purifier) to our current filter system and we have not looked back. With some common sense and advice over the phone it is simple to run and easy to maintain. Our clients are stoked that we no longer put carcinogenic products in our pool and the kids and adults don’t go home with sore red eyes and itchy skin. We cannot give your product and helpfulness enough raps and we would highly recommend the (Purifier) to any pool owner.

Have a swimming day

Diane Welbourn , Diane’s Learn to Swim Laidley


I have installed a (Purifier) in our pool in Alice Springs. I feel it has made the maintenance of our pool MUCH easier and lowered our weekly pool consumable costs considerably, which has effectively paid for the system. It is GREAT to swim in and we do not have to wash ourselves to remove the “chlorine” smell. Our friends are also impressed that they do not have to wash their bathers either! The weather conditions in the desert mean we still need the addition of an oxidiser in our super hot weeks and high wind times and we add acid on a weekly basis as the pH creeps up but overall we have been VERY pleased.

I was also impressed with the service I received when first installing our (Purifier) early this year.

Many thanks, Margi C. Alice Springs NT


We installed a (Purifier) system in our pool three years ago and it really has been one of the best decisions we ever made. We run a small B&B and we enthusiastically tell our guests about the (Purifier) and most have never heard about it, but are keen to swim in our pool to try it out. They all comment on the nice clean feel that the water has to it. We compare it to swimming in the local river, just cool, refreshing, chemical free water. Two of our grandchildren have eczema and it is great for their skin. We think it even helps it!

Kind regards, Cynthia Hayes


The water quality is amazing since we have switched from a salt pool to a “ionised” pool. The (Purifier) is saving us heaps and the kids won’t get out of the pool.

J.S. Noosa Heads QLD


I just love the (Purifier) … my wife and kids love the (Purifier) … my neighbours love the (Purifier) … I can’t get the pool to myself anymore – it is fantastic!

M.C. Hervey Bay QLD


The pool is just as fresh as rain water since we installed the (Purifier) system. It’s so easy and only a tiny amount of chemicals are used now. There is no more dry skin from the salt we had before.

M.D. Federal NSW


Does your pool qualify for these benefits? Do our COMPATIBILITY TEST now to find out!

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