The Organic Solution to the World’s Growing Problems

1 litre – 2.5 litres – 10 litres – 1,000 litres

Dr Grow It All™, a BFA certified organic liquid fertiliser that increases crop yields and grows healthier crops more naturally resistant to pest and diseases. This totally organic solution is truly Biogenic due to it’s self-replicating microbial system. It is Ph neutral unlike other seaweed and manure based products that have high Ph which render nutrients unavailable to plants.

* Dr Grow It All™ is suitable for all crops from organic gardens to broad acre

* Dr Grow It is an Organic, Biological and Environmentally sustainable nutrient source for plants.

* Releases harmful chemicals in the soil until they are eliminated returning the soil to its natural condition.

* Our ongoing research has involved continual testing in all different types of soil, sands, hydroponics, aquaponics and climate conditions to help commercial growers achieve outstanding results


aaaaa 100% Natural                Higher yields           Tastier fruits and  vegetables

Healthier plants more able  Improves crop quality      pH neutral – so  important

to resist pest & diseases                                            for rapid  nutrient absorption

BFA Approved Input for    Proudly Australian Designed,

Organic Growing              Produced, Owned & Operated


Dr Grow It All Sales Pty Ltd is a subsiduary company of Global Boss International Pty Ltd.

aaaa 1 litre aaaaaaaaaaa 2.5 litre aaaaaaaaaa 10 litre aaaaaaaa 1,000 litres POA

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