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100% Australian made, 100% Australian owned, 100% Natural 


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1kg  $75.00 + p&h

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 FOR USE ON: Leather, vinyl, plastic, pvc, wood, canvas and oilskins, in the car

SO GREAT FOR: Belts, wallets, bags, jackets, saddles and lounge suites; Car – dashboard, steering wheel, leather, vinyl, plastic trim, rubber trim, even as tyre shine; All wood including indoor & outdoor furniture; Canvas – bags, shade umbrellas, tents; All types of oilskins e.g. Drizabones

Waterproofs to resist water

Conditions as we moisturise our skin, many products also require that moisture surge on a regular basis for long life and to stay looking good

Protects from harsh conditions and fills in minor scratches and loss of colour. On most shoes, Leather Seal will create all the shine you need, though you can use polish on your shoes also if you require high shine. If you wear your shoes every day in normal conditions, you would probably only need to apply Leather Seal approximately every two months.

Made from beeswax to preserve & waterproof and Australian oils to rejuvenate & condition old & new leather. Also to strengthen stitching. No lanolin to rot stitching & overstretch leather, no chemicals to dry out & choke pores of leather.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Leather Seal works best on warmed product so put the item in the sun or by the fire for a while first. Alternatively, place the Leather Seal in the sun until it is soft. You can melt Leather Seal down to a liquid form if you wish. Apply the Leather Seal. Only a small amount is required. Rub the Leather Seal on with a cloth, brush or your hands (makes hands lovely and soft). If required, brush in the Leather Seal around the stitching to ensure a good covering. Always wipe off the excess with a cotton cloth = no greasy residue. Excellent shelf life, always stays moist because of the oils – even if you lose the lid, just stir the Leather Seal with a clean utensil and off you go!



One tin (100 gms) will condition: 40 – 50 pairs of shoes OR 15 leather jackets OR 12 saddles OR 3 lounge suites.

People sometimes contact us with more uses for this amazing product – for example:

* barrier cream for hands – apply before gardening, labouring work etc.

* apply to grout – waterproofs and the eucalyptus oil in Leather Seal is a natural mould inhibitor so helps keep the bathroom clean

Try this for yourself and let us know the results. We always love to hear about new uses for Leather Seal


Leather Emporium is a company that specialises in all leather products including leather jackets, leather pants, leather skirts, leather bags, belts & wallets.

As a company that sells leather items, we have found selling Leather Seal with all our jackets enables our customers to care for their leather items with ease.

Our customers enjoy the fact of how easy Leather Seal is to apply and the great benefits derived from using it to protect their leather goods, particularly as Leather Seal is an all natural product.

For us as a company, we enjoy the extra profits to be made by the simple addition of this back-end product to our range. Leather items are a quality product and customers are happy to add Leather Seal to their purchases from our store.

Yours sincerely,
Daniel Smith (Proprietor)


I was contracted once just for 10 days. The task was travelling to two shows (the PGA Golf Show and AgQuip) demonstrating and selling a product called Leather Seal. After 10 days with this product, I had seen the wonderful advantages of this product for myself, heard fabulous testimonials from people who sought out the stall each year to get this product (including wood-turners) and had incredibly soft hands as well from all that exposure to the beeswax!

I desired to see it more readily available (as it is only sold at fairs and shows) and chose to do something about it myself.

During the golf show, I had a number of golf professionals say to me (in response to us promoting the all-natural ingredients of the products) that conditioning products that have a chemical or petroleum base rot the stitching. It made me realise something – I had a wonderful pair of Dianne Ferrari walking boots that I had used daily in my profession as a Corporate Trainer (I worked adventure ropes courses amongst other things). After 10 years they still looked brand new – and then the soles fell off. Mr Minit re-glued the soles and they fell off again. We repeated this process a number of times and then came to the realisation that the leather was so deteriorated that the glue could not adhere to it any more. I had thrown the boots out in wonderment – until I spoke to these golf professionals and realised that I had indeed been using a well-known leather conditioner which had a petroleum/chemical base and, even though it had kept my boots looking good, it had eventually killed them off long before they were due to go.

So now I only ever use Leather Seal on my leather, vinyl, plastic and canvas items plus I detail the interior, the plastic and the rubber on my car with it. I have photos of the plastic surround of my car mirror, which had faded so much from the sun there were white patches. I applied Leather Seal and the mirror casings have returned to black & shiny and now look like brand new again – it is an amazing product!

Without exaggeration, I think everyone would have a use for Leather Seal.

Megan Knight, Owner, Natural Surrender

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