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Coconut Oil – certified organic DME Extra Virgin

400ml  $17.00- + p&h

750ml  $26.00- + p&h

2litre  $59.00 + p&h

5 litre  $135.00- + p&h

10 litre  $230.00 + p&h

20 litre  $320.00 + p&h

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One of ONLY two oils that is SAFE AT COOKING HEAT (the other is palm kernel oil which is not readily available). Coconut is called the “tree of life” by the populations that have used it for centuries as it has so many uses. Coconut oil is a GOOD saturated fat, essential for the body to function properly. Used internally and externally – recommended maintenance dose is 3 tablespoons per day. Solidifies in cooler temperatures – for salad dressing, combine 50/50 with extra virgin olive oil

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Cream, water and optional salt – natural and healthy for you. Best made from raw milk. Contains fats essential for the body to function properly


Harder to find in it’s most natural form – make your own or ask a farmer!


 Olive Oil

FOR COLD USE ONLY – never cook with it

Only use “extra virgin”

Available at supermarkets but do your homework as to what occurred between olive tree and supermarket shelf




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