PULSE by Don Tolman

To give your body the widest range of nutrients it desires, Pulse brings together an amazing, synergistic array of fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables… and nothing else.

  • 100% Raw Food Goodness
  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Gluten Free
  • No Herbicides
  • No Pesticides
  • Non-GMO

Provided to you in a convenient, re-sealable carry pack, Pulse is

  • Completely bio-available, meaning it has been engineered to deliver nutrients to every part of your body
  • Contains the 7 essential fibers needed to clean up all 7 systems of your body
  • Is 100% RAW with no cooked or processed additions (in fact there is absolutely NOTHING ARTIFICIAL!)

To feed your body the complete range of nutrients it truly thrives on, Pulse is created with a specific mix of raw, natural, unprocessed plant-based foods.  Because they are living, wholefoods, your body will instantly recognize them. It will thank you for them by delivering health and vitality to you.

Pulse is “Made with love” every step of the way, hand-crafted in a positive and wholesome environment of the highest standard. Each step of the process, from the finest selection of organic foods (or pesticide free where organic is not possible), to the carefully blended exact ratios as instructed by Don Tolman, Pulse comes together in a careful and exact alchemical formula to create the perfect synergy of food for the sacred beautiful human form that is “your body”.

It was anciently believed that just as the compass could “circumscribe all truth”, the application of the phi ratio to amounts and choices of foods in making sacred meals could “unlock the mysteries” of all truths. In doing this we could learn to apply “truest truth” to our lives, bringing ourselves “to the square” in relationship to the “whole of existence”. And Pulse prepares your body for the whole of existence.

How to Use

Pulse is an ancient sacred blend containing over 28 natural whole food ingredients designed to detox and improve the functioning of every vital system in your body. It can be used as a nutritious snack, or as a powerful detox aid and transformer of your life.

Kick-start your day with Pulse as a complete breakfast. Or take it with you as a quick and easy snack to keep you going throughout the day.  See the difference when you eat it as a pre-workout boost or for post-workout recovery. Or enjoy it as a wholesome meal all unto itself!

If you are planning a hike or bike ride, Pulse is the perfect light-weight meal to keep you energised, strong and mobile. Pulse is designed in such a way that it doesn’t weigh you down while it digests – its perfect blend means you can will keep on your journey in fine form.

Packed full of vitamins, minerals and omega oils, Pulse, with its synergistic sacred blend of ingredients is the perfect compliment to enduring long study sessions, or while you work at the office. Your mind won’t fatigue or go hungry and slumped, because you will be supercharged with the high frequency food that is Pulse.


Pulse 2 no textPulse Original

 Each 226 gram bag is filled with wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients including dates, walnuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, sesame seeds, figs, quinoa, buckwheat (to name a few) – which have been purposefully combined and handcrafted according to an “ancient” recipe and ratio Don Tolman spent 17 years researching and discovering.



PulseBlueberry 2 Pulse Blueberry

 A delicate, distinctive taste, with the flavor of powerful anti-oxidants (more anthocyanins than 1000mg of vitamin C) & snacking on it delivers better memory, and stronger visual response




PulseCranberry 2 Pulse Cranberry

Cranberry Pulse lifts and brightens your world through a combination of tangy and sweet flavours, guaranteed to add wonder and zing to your day. Known for generations as a home-remedy for urinary infections, it contains potent polyphenol antioxidants that scavenge free-radicals from your body, delivering a host of cardio-protective and immune system benefits.New studies indicate cranberry juice to even help with tooth decay.



PulseCherryCoco 2 Pulse Cherry Coco

Bing Cherries are rich in anti-oxidants, and their anthocyanins help with the pain and inflammation of gout, as well as with other inflammatory conditions. It is also unusually high in melatonin for a fruit, which is often called the elixir of youth. Cherry Coco Pulse brings together the rich assortment of delicious Original Pulse with 25% Bing Cherries



PulseChocolate 2 Pulse Chocolate

 “The beauty of chocolate goes much deeper than its fragrant, rich, wonderfully complex taste. Originally a drink made from fermented beans by Mayans and Aztecs over 3000 years ago, chocolate is now considered one of the true health foods of modern times. Full of alkaloids that raise serotonin, making you feel better, it is reputed to lower blood pressure. Chocolate is also a strong antioxidant.” ~ Don Tolman


PulseMango 2 Pulse Mango

The golden sweetness of mango brings a light tropical flavor to Pulse. The fresh taste of mango is one of the most popular worldwide. It is also one of oldest fruits known to man, having been cultivated from the beginning of human history. Your body will love Mango Pulse’ rich mixture of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that flow from the mango fruit. It is also full of natural fiber. Mango is loaded with enzymes, especially lactase, which aids in digestion and intestinal health


PulseTropical 2 Pulse Tropical

Tropical Pulse is the “Rolls Royce-Lamborghini-Tesla” of Raw Food Meals based on Phi Sacred Measures as applied by the Inca, Mayan and Polynesian Cultures of the Past. It is a great source of fiber, protein, and unsaturated fats (good fats). It contains all natural fibers and no bad cholesterol. All sugars are raw and “complex” for slow digestion. Tropical Pulse is a delicious tropical treat handcrafted from nature made foods.That’s it but you’ll swear it’s made in Heaven, by Angels of Life. Nourish yourself in the Joy, Pleasure and Happiness of the Tropical Pulse brought back to modern times


Pulse Triple 2 Pulse Triple Treat

The 3 Day Plan is for you to snack on pulse in small pinches all throughout the day, eat raw fruit, vegies, nuts, seeds and grains and drink lots of clean water! It’s that simple.

There is a serious side to the Triple Treat too… It’s very likely you will have ridiculously big energy, lose weight and feel incredibly sparkly (yep that goes for you too fella’s) so if you can’t handle feeling awesome then this one is not for you


Pulse7 2 Pulse Seven Flavours

Each day is remarkably different, just like each Flavour of Pulse, with unique energies and phyto-nutrients, and each day requires a variety to suit any occasion. And that is why Pulse now comes in 7 delicious flavours so that every day gives you something mouth-watering to look forward to so your body can thrive the way nature intended



PulseCleanse 2 Pulse Cleanse Me

Cleansing of the colon is one of the major keys to feeling the vitality that you’ve been lacking.  After a Cleanse Me people tell us they feel lighter, stronger and have a better attitude. They wake up feeling fresher, with brighter eyes and clearer and more youthful skin.

Although there are countless colon cleansing kits available, it’s important to choose one that has been specifically designed to cater to the 2-phase process for complete cleansing. Cleanse Me is the only 2 Day Colon Cleanse Programme formulated by Don Tolman to clear your colon this way, while others can leave you with partial results, or even damage.

Cleanse Me contains two specific formulas (Part 1 & 2) that are kept separate from each other as they both serve unique functions in your cleansing process.

Part 1

The first component is a healing clay that creates an intestinal contraction of the entire alimentary canal, to pull out the toxic rubbish from your intestinal walls like a magnet.

Part 2

The second component is a specific seed & fibre blend that creates expansion of the entire alimentary canal, this allows “flow” of the loosened fecal/mucosal mass to be extracted from your body, leaving you feeling like you have a new body.


Pulse14DayCleanse 2 Pulse Cleanse 14 days

 Your body, fresh as the fruit coming in at your local markets. Your Cleanse Me programme, included with The 14 Day Cleanse, is designed to liberate the largest organ in your body: your colon. Making you lighter, healthier, and happier; it is the beginning of your road to road to endless energy



Pulse14DayAdventure 2 Pulse Adventure 14 days

Light is the guiding force in our world. And in each plant a certain frequency of light, and certain qualities of light are stored, creating unique phytonutrients and energies which alter our bodies strength, vitality, connection to life and clarity of direction. If you understand the secrets to combining these powerful light foods, then you can not only prepare food to fill your belly, but medicine, restoring wisdom, youth, beauty and harmony. The 14 Day Adventure provides your body with delicious foods, combined in a sacred formula, to deliver a full spectrum of light over 14 days, so that you will reawaken to your complete and vibrant potential.


Pulse28BagPack Pulse Pack 28 days

If you’re a true Pulse junky, this is the most economical way to get your fix!

The 28 Bag Pulse Pack contains a mixed box containing: 14 bags of Original7 bags of Mango and 7 bags of Chocolate varieties – each bag contains 226 grams of yummy, nutritious Pulse.

Stock up now and SAVE!!