Truman’s Personal Story

A Healing of Body and Soul

Truman In 1960, at age nineteen, I’d had a lifelong battle with junk food and had more than my share of colds, flu, sinus, bowel and skin problems. I didn’t have a clue what the cause was. My doctor said I was “normal” and I would have to live with it. Little did I know that just four months later I would be begging to be “normal” once again.

I moved away from Bakersfield, California and took a job in near-by Las Vegas, Nevada, which was then a small town. I delivered auto parts and supplies to remote Nevada desert locations, including areas near the Nevada Test Site where they tested nuclear bombs. After a few months, I began to lose a lot of weight and all my hair began falling out until, finally, I had no hair anywhere on my body. Open sores developed from my head to my toes. I felt like death warmed over. In 4 months I had gone from weighing 150 pounds down to 79 pounds and the doctors said I might as well “die at home”.

I had been attending church regularly and members of the congregation were looking after me, as I had no family present at the time. With only 1 to 2 weeks left to live, some of these friends came by one evening to try to convince me to go to an evening church meeting and listen to Dr. Norma Myers, Dean of The Green Shores Herbal College. She had been invited to speak while visiting friends. I told my friends I was too weak to go, but they insisted. They placed me at the back of the church, because of my wheel chair. I was trying to prop myself up so I could see her as she approached the lecture stand. She stopped, looked directly at me and said: “You look terrible!” I said, “I don’t feel very good, either”. Then she replied, “Are you married?” I actually laughed (the best I could) and said, “What’s that got to do with anything?” She said, “If not, I will come home with you and I’ll sleep on your sofa. I’ll pray with you and show you which herbs to use. I can only stay three weeks before I have to go back to teach. If you are meant to die and go home to the Lord, then you will. If you are meant to stay here, then you will.”

Dr. Myers proceeded to introduce herself to the audience and said that she was there to share her knowledge about health & herbs.

I was born again that evening. Jesus was with me and I felt the glory, love and peace from God radiate through every fiber of my being. I knew right then that God had a ministry for me, and everything was going to be all right. Dr. Myers spoke for about 2 hours (which seemed much shorter at the time) and it was as though I had observed her from about 40 feet above the church looking down into it.

They carried me to the car and Dr. Myers followed me home. She stayed 3 weeks and showed me how to use herbs for cleansing and detoxification – a formula of herbs that became “CAC” (Colon and Liver Cleanser). She said, “The first thing we always do is make sure that every bowel movement is kept very soft”. I was to eat 1 teaspoon each of Bentonite Clay, Alfalfa, Spirulina Blue Green Algae, and Kelp powder 2 to 3 times daily. I took them separately in juice, water or tea. They tasted strange but, after a few weeks, I didn’t mind the taste anymore, my pain was gone.

Dr. Myers friend, Renee Cassie, an RN, had given her an herbal formula that had come from the Ojibwa Indians. She called it “Essiac”. I also drank 2 ounces of this tea every morning and night on an empty stomach. She went to the local health food store and bought about $200 worth of vitamins, minerals, and herbs, with about all the money that I had. I wasn’t worried; God had sent me an Angel of Mercy.

At the end of the three weeks I was able to stand up, with the help of canes, as I waved good bye to Dr. Myers, I continued to know God in every part of my life. My health steadily improved over the next six months and by the spring of 1961 I enrolled at her college in Vancouver B.C., Canada. I studied with her for 6 years formally and collaborated with her on numerous projects until her death in 1988. God had sent a Mohawk Indian angel to save me and bring me to my life’s work of helping the multitude of suffering people.

God has made it clear that my ministry is to research natural health remedies, make herbal medicine, and teach that information to people in need through classes, radio and a group (ALTERNATIVE Health and Herbs REMEDIES) that I formed to help in my ministry, to educate people at no cost, about health foods.

Only recently has this kind of knowledge been allowed without severe punishment in America. Most of my colleagues, including Dr. Myers, have been jailed and persecuted for trying to share historical and traditional herbal medicine. Now there is new hope that Americans will no longer persecute and prosecute those who would share this ancient wisdom and their love for God. It is time for the past and present to merge, forming a healthier future which includes a relationship with the LORD.