How to discard cooking oil

Oil discardYou’ve cooked a delicious meal and everyone is satisfied – now what do you do with the leftover cooking oil?

That’s right – it is NOT a great idea to pour it down the drain as that WILL eventually cause much bigger problems. So what do you do?

Research suggests that the best options are:

1. Reuse It. Now, as you most probably know if you have been reading our blog for awhile, we only recommend coconut oil – or palm kernel oil, which is not readily available – for cooking as these are the ONLY two oils that stay stable at cooking heats. ALL other oils go toxic at cooking heats, creating free radicals.

So we can recommend re-using your cooking oil – IF it is coconut oil. After the oil cools, discard any food bits floating in it then strain the oil through a fine-meshed sieve or a coffee filter into a lidded container, cover, and store in a cool, dry place. You should have a clean oil by then which is fine to re-use

2. Recycle It. Apparently there are free cooking oil recycling programs around but I have only been able to find them for commercial purposes, not household. Maybe in your town? Check it out

I have also heard that you can put it in the compost but some avenues state that it can “throw off” the moisture and attract pests

3. Toss It. If all else fails, the absolute best way to get rid of oil is to let it cool, pour it in a sealable container, and throw it in the trash.

Exactly what is an appropriate sealable container is yet to be discerned – glass jars featured in my research but should a glass vessel just be placed within the garbage where they could break and pierce an innocent garbageman?

One great idea I came across is to wipe the cooking pot out with paper towels  – which soak up the oil and can then be discarded easily into the rubbish. I like that one.

Any other suggestions?

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