Chemical Free Natural Sunscreen

Coconut Oil is a natural sunscreen if it's pure and unadulteratedFor centuries, the Pacific Islanders lived a largely outdoor life, fishing in the sea, growing their food. How did they spend so much time in the sun with no skin cancer to show for it? Simple – they used what nature provided in abundance, coconut oil. Particularly before westernisation, coconut oil was an everyday part of their culture, used by all. It was common place to cover themselves in coconut oil every day, coat their hair in it, coat babies in it from birth.

Coconut oil was the original sunscreen. And coconut oil was the main ingredient in sunscreens sold in some western countries for years. The facts are coconut oil has anti-cancer properties and a therapeutic effect on the health of your skin.

Coconut oil is a highly effective natural sunscreen that is much healthier for you compared to commercial sunscreens

Coconut oil is best used by moisturising with it every day then adding extra when in the sun.

One warning though – it must be pure virgin coconut oil.

If the oil you use has anything else added into it, you will most likely burn. Only pure unadulterated coconut oil will protect.

It is not a one-application cure-all either with whities heading out in the sun for 8 hours after applying one coat of oil. Remain wise about your sun exposure and coconut oil will ensure you stay safe – and your health can only benefit.

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