Swimming Pool Energy Costs Set To Soar This Summer & What To Do About it

 Temperatures are not the only thing set to soar as the rising costs of energy will hit pool owners hard this summer. Pool maintenance has one the highest rates of energy consumption, when you add the high cost of air conditioning, staying cool in summer is an expensive exercise.

New developments in pool technology offers hope for pool owners that drastically reduce the financial burden relating to power costs and chemical consumption that has been necessary in the past. Megan Knight, founder of Natural Surrender, who distributes the ‘HEALTHY Pool & Spa Purifying System’ stated earlier this week that “The smallest chlorinator draws 392 watts per hour compared to our systems at just 9 watts. The pump and filtration times are also halved, saving more power.” Ms Knight says. “Combine these two factors and our system uses only 1/100th the electricity of a chlorinator, also used for salt and mineral pools. One owner has personally reported to me a reduction of $330- in his first quarterly electricity bill after installation (to June 2012)”

As the impact of our carbon footprint continues to grow, alternatives for consumers are opening up more than ever before. For more information on the energy efficient Healthy Pool & Spa Purifying System, see here or contact us

Natural Surrender is an authorised supplier of The HEALTHY Pool & Spa Purifying System worldwide, a low-cost effective people-and-earth-friendly solution for swimming pools and spas.

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