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Healthy Pool and Spa System Frequently Asked Questions

Here we address the most frequently asked questions about the HEALTHY POOL AND SPA SYSTEM. For more information click HERE

Q: Will the HP&S System damage my pool cover?

Answer: No, in fact it will lengthen the life span of your pool cover as chlorine is shown to deteriorate pool covers even in moderate quantities. The HP&S System operates with much reduced chemical usage and the use of chlorine with a HP&S System is optional and unnecessary in most situations.

 Q: Do I still use my Salt Chlorinator?

A: No, but some pool owners leave their chlorinator connected after fitting a HP&S System and operate it with a low salt level now and then to oxidise the pool instead of adding an oxidiser.

Q: Do I have to change my pool water if I have had a salt pool?

A: No, the HP&S System will operate effectively in any water and the salt will reduce to an unnoticeable level after a time. Adding water to your pool will hasten this.

Q: Is the copper and silver in the water unhealthy or unsafe?

A: Not in the slightest. The copper levels maintained are less than specified for drinking water (pool and spa water is classed as recreational water) and the World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that silver is safe at high levels in drinking water. Silver is known as “Nature’s Antibiotic” and is still used in hospitals today.

Q: Do I still have to add stabiliser (isocyanuric acid) to the pool water?

A: No, stabiliser is used to maintain chlorine levels in pools that use it. If you choose to oxidise the pool or spa with something other than chlorine, you will not need stabiliser. Stabiliser is currently classed as a Toxicity Level One chemical in the USA by their Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Use of it is banned in indoor pools and it is prohibited from swimming in levels higher than 30ppm in outdoor pools. There are many documented cases of serious physical harm being suffered by swimmers exposed to high levels of chlorine stabiliser.

The APVMA (Australian Government Body in Charge of Regulating Pool Chemicals) does not class stabiliser as a pool chemical and has therefore not required it to be registered as such. If it were to be assessed under the current APVMA guidelines for Swimming Pool and Spa Chemicals, it would no doubt fail the toxicity test contained within these guidelines. Failing this toxicity test by stabiliser would then necessitate the recall of all stabilised chlorine for sale in Australia. We mention this because the APVMA was maligning ionisers here in Australia for several years.

This situation arose when the APVMA demanded that copper and silver anodes be registered as a swimming pool “chemical” under the banner of “protecting” the public. There has been no recorded incidence due to ioniser use in Australia and there are tens of thousands of ionised pools in Australia at present. This is not the case with chemical controlled pools where problems with skin, respiratory tract malfunction, eyes, and digestive disorders abound. The fact that chlorine creates trihalomethanes that are proven carcinogens and are present in most chlorine pools gives even more credence to the argument that ionisation is by far the safer alternative.

Copper is present in much greater amounts in your drinking water than in a pool fitted with a HP&S System. Silver is approved for ingestion in water, with no upper limit on the quantity present, set by none other than the WHO. We have, at our Head Office, a packet of stabiliser that was sold in Australia that says “may cause death in children”. This is the voluntary warning from the manufacturer yet the APVMA insists there is no reason to register this chemical. You be the judge. This story was not included here with the intention of maligning the work of the APVMA – it is to show how some potentially harmful chemicals can slip through the cracks via bureaucratic processes thus placing the unsuspecting public at potential risk.

Q: Do I need a separate timer for my pool filter pump?

A: No the HP&S System controls the pump and has a separate inbuilt timer that switches the pump on and off.

Q: How long do I need to ionise my pool / spa each day?

A: The HP&S System instruction books will guide you with this. Please read it before emailing or calling us with any queries.

Q: Do I still have to balance the pool / spa water?

A: Yes and we advise a weekly check of the water to maintain the pool water balance. See instruction book.

Q: Will the ionised pool water affect my asthma badly?

A: The water in an ionised pool has been shown to have no aggravating effect (such as chlorine may have) on asthma sufferers.

Q: What if the pump runs dry – will the HP&S System be damaged or catch fire?

A: Unlike many chlorinators, the Purifier will suffer no damage or create a hazard if water is not passing through the pipe containing the anodes.

Q: How good is the HP&S System?

A: Good enough for the company to offer a risk-free 90-day money-back guarantee as well as a 5 year warranty. There is no other company in Australia that can match this.

All these features come to you in a watertight compact enclosure that will have you wondering just how we packed it all into one small unit – but don’t let the size fool you. Power and robust construction were two of the main design briefs when we decided to take our customer proven analogue unit into the 21st century – indeed the HP&S System has been approved for sale in the US and Canada, passing the UL tests by Met Labs (the toughest tests on the planet)

Choose for Mother Earth, for you, your children and for future generations. The benefits are way bigger than you think.