The Maker’s Top “Healing” Foods

Have you heard of the book “The Maker’s Diet – The 40-day health experience that will change your life forever” by Jordan S Rubin? Let me share Jordan’s  list of  the top healing foods – I will list them all but only expand on the saturated fats (incl. coconut oil) section today:

Fish & fish oil – cold water fish or cod liver oil

Grains of the Bible – barley & wheat, particularly their young sprouts

Cultured dairy from goats, cows and sheep – high-quality, consumed straight from the animal or fermented

Olive oil – cold, never cooked

Small fruits – figs, grapes, berries

Soups and stocks

Honey – raw, unheated


Wild animal foods – properly raised, grass-fed, free range

Seeds – soaked and sprouted

Omega-3 eggs – “nature’s nearly perfect food. Eggs contain all known nutrients except for vitamin C!”

Raw cultured or fermented vegetables

Organ meats

Lacto-fermented beverages

Green vegetables

AND  Healthy Saturated Fats (high-vitamin butter, coconut oil)

Butter from grass-fed cows, extra virgin coconut oil and animal fats have nourished human brings for several thousands of years. However for the last five decades Americans have avoided these fats based on erroneous advice and, instead, increased their consumption of polyunsaturated and hydrogenated fats. As we have mentioned, in direct correlation, the rate of heart disease has increased, as has obesity and many immune system disorders. It is time to return to healthy fats from whole, grass-fed, cow butter; extra-virgin coconut oil; and properly raised animals.

Whole-milk butter produced from cows eating rapidly growing green grasses, is loaded with vitamins A, D and E. It is also high in Activator X, which significantly increases the effectiveness of vitamin A’s ability to stimulate a person’s immune system, as described by Dr Weston Price. It also contains a healthy balance of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, as well as CLA. (These characteristics are seriously compromised once a cow has any grain introduced to its diet.)

CLA is strictly a product of bacterial function and is virtually non-existent in cow-milk fat during any period when grain is in the diet. For many types of cancer, CLA 9-11 is proven to prevent and retard tumor cell growth.

The quality of Activator X and other vitamins is directly related to the quality of the grass / forage the cow is eating. The faster the grass is growing when the cow is grazing it, the higher the vitamin content. Make sure to buy butter from grass-fed cows….

Extra-virgin coconut oil is one of the healthiest saturated fats available (despite the misguided advice of so-called health experts warning against the saturated tropical oils such as coconut and palm oils). Coconut oil can tolerate extremely high heat, unlike polyunsaturated vegetable oils. Use extra-virgin coconut oil in cooking, baking, and in smoothies. It is a  stable, healthy saturated fat that does not elevate undesirable (LDL) cholestrol; it reduces the symptoms of digestive orders, supports overall immune functions and helps prevent bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

Extra-virgin coconut oil is great for people suffering from candida yeast infections, due to the presence of caprylic acid and antifungal fatty acids contained in the oil. Extra-virgin coconut oil has also been shown to help balance the thyroid and improve metabolic function, which may result in weight loss.

Quoting from pages 150 -155

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