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Margaret Stuart’s Mangotiger Radio Show Presents Megan Knight – The Natural Healing Ingredient. Listen to this amazing Interview now
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Megan Knight

Megan Knight

The Natural Healing Ingredient

A mumprenuer with a former career in personal development within the business field and having co-directed companies both in Australia and Malaysia, Megan Knight is now focusing in on our physical health through her website and blog mission statement reads “We are YOUR directory for living naturally – doing the hard work for you, only listing products that are truly natural, therefore safe for us to use to enhance and preserve health for our entire life span PLUS we advocate for healthy options to dominate our shopping choices”Disease and sickness is accelerating at a fast pace worldwide and we are told that medicine is to be a constant part of all our lives, right from infancy. The medical industry are crying out for more doctors, nurses and hospitals as they buckle under the weight of sick people needing attention. Dementia, as well as numerous physical complaints are seen as an expected aspect of the aging process. When did we become convinced our days are to be a journey of pain and suffering?The truth is we can live long and healthy from the start, right to the very end. This is a possibility for all, not just the educated or lucky few. We know this because it was a common way of life less than a hundred years ago. To quote an old saying – prevention is always better than cure. And natural food sources will always be better than the alternatives.Not only is the truth out there, it will set you free.

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Margaret Stuart was nominated Citizen of Australia for her work with the mind, conducts workshops around the world and is keynote speaker at National and International Conferences. Margaret has authored and co-authored numerous acclaimed books including her latest book Free to be Healthy – helping people to release the blocks and obstacles held in the subconscious mind that are preventing them from being successful and achieving their goals.

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Megan Knight is now focusing in on our physical health through her website and blog Visit her online today!

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