Why Coconut Oil for Preventative Health?


Since there are many medications and alternative treatments available to treat infectious illnesses, some people may wonder what need there is for coconut oil? There are several good reasons.

Firstly, you can use coconut oil with other treatments to enhance their effectiveness – you will see why as you read more below

Coconut oil is a food with proven healing properties and has no harmful side effects. Drugs are largely chemicals that are foreign to the human body and, therefore, toxic to some degree – even the over-the-counter ones.

One of the now-well-known drawbacks with antibiotics is that they tend to kill all the bacteria in the body – including the good bacteria in our intestinal tract. Good bacteria produce beneficial nutrients such as Vitamin K and some of the B vitamins, they keep the digestive tract functioning properly, help break down food to release nutrients and prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and yeasts. Yeasts, which are not affected by antibiotics, grow unrestrained when the good bacteria are killed, often causing infection.

Coconut oil does not harm the good bacteria in the intestinal tract plus it kills candida, the organism that causes yeast overgrowth.

Antiviral drugs don’t kill viruses – they just slow viral growth. Your immune system must do the fighting. Therefore, coconut oil, which both kills viruses and boosts your immune system, plays a very important role in fighting viruses. Currently, it is the only known antiviral substance that can do this.

Being a product of nature, rather than a creation from a laboratory, many people feel safer using coconut oil. Also, coconut oil can be much cheaper than medications and more convenient to use. Coconut oil used in daily cooking and food preparation creates set preventative health measures and infection-fighting assistance without any extra expense at all.

While MCFA (Medium Chain Fatty Acids, contained in coconut oil) may be effective in killing many disease-causing microorganisms, they do not kill all of them so you can’t rely on it completely for every illness. In one respect this is good because it doesn’t harm friendly gut bacteria – but at times you may need other forms of treatment or medication.

However, coconut oil can still be helpful even in these situations as it strengthens the immune system to make it more effective. In this respect it can be useful to some degree for any type of infection

Source: “Virgin Coconut Oil – Nature’s Miracle Medicine” by Dr Bruce Fife

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