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Spring has sprung again - watch this space!

But, in the meantime, may we interest you in a non-toxic commercial solution for both people and the environment?

Utilising electrolysis hygiene technology, an onsite generator that produces on-demand:
* commercial grade disinfectant
(TGA listed as proven to kill all coronaviruses including covid19)
* sanitiser safe for hands, body and surfaces, and
* a versatile cleaning agent

Using only salt, tap water and electricity - and HACCP, Australian Organic and Good Environmental Choice certification included

Empowering businesses to take control of their hygiene with safer and sustainable solutions
that can drastically reduce supply chain dependence and chemical expense

With applications from the smallest shop / office to large food processing plants and hospitals
this product is already in place across an impressive range of industries, creating sustainable and safe solutions for over a decade

For businesses that only have a small footprint, a Body Corporate may buy this product, thereby sharing both the cost and benefits across all parties

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